Snap Backup

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Snap Backup is an internationalized application — meaning that it is ready to be localized into different languages.  However, translators are needed to convert the words from English into various other languages.  If you want to help out, the process is straightforward.

Make Snap Backup Work in Your Language

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Snap Backup

    Download Snap Backup and use it a few times so you understand the basic operations.

  2. Examine the Properties File

    View the "Snap Backup properties file" so you can see how Snap Backup stores the text displayed in the user interface.  For example, the text for the "Exit" button in Snap Backup is defined with the following line:


    For the Portuguese version, the line would need to be changed to:


    The Chinese (Simplified) version would be:


    The Farsi version would be:

    ButtonExit=ﻯﺩﺎﻋ ﻯﻭﺭﺭﺩ

    The Greek version would be:


    The Korean version would be:


    And the Hindi version would be:


    The actual text displayed on the screen for the "Exit" button depends on the language chosen by the user.

  3. Become Famous

    Well, we can't make you a rock star, but we will definitely give you credit in the Snap Backup "About" box for your translation work.  Snap Backup is downloaded at a rate of about 40,000 times a year.

Notes About Translating

It is best to edit and save your property file in Unicode (UTF-8 encoding).

A line in the properties file beginning with the character "#" is a comment.

The default fast key (mnemonic) for menu items and buttons is the first character of the displayed text.  To designate a different character as the fast key, insert an "&" just before the character desired to be the fast key.