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Snap Backup is The one-click backup utility for safeguarding your important computer files.  Snap Backup is free and runs on just about any computer — Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Download version 6.0 for Mac OS X

Mac OS X
snap-backup-installer-v6.0.dmg Mac
Updated: August 16, 2015
Download and run the installer.  Then use Finder to go into the "Applications" folder and <control-click> on "SnapBackup".  Now choose "Open".

For other operating systems: All Downloads

Microsoft Windows
snap-backup-installer-v6.0.msi Windows
Updated: August 16, 2015
Save the install file to a location such as your Desktop and then double-click the file to start the installation.

Generic executable JAR file (All Java Platforms)
snapbackup.jar Java (230KB)
ReadMe.txt     Optional Icon File (small)
Updated: August 16, 2015

First, download and install Java from:

Second, save the JAR file and ReadMe file to a convenient location, such as:

Third, double-click the snapbackup.jar file to run Snap Backup.  On some systems, you may need to enter the following command:
java -jar snapbackup.jar

Getting started

Run Snap Backup and consult the User Guide (Select "User Guide" from the "Help" menu) for information on configuring and saving your backup settings.

Check Out:

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Your feedback will be helpful in improving future versions of Snap Backup.  Please let us know if there are additional languages or platforms you would personally like to see supported.