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Snap Backup is open source and the code is available under the GNU General Public License.  The project is hosted on Google Code.

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Vice Presidents of Umlauts and Other Wild Characters:

Giorgio Ponza
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Oscar Laurens Schrover
Angel Herráez
Antonio de Rezende, Jr.
Sašo Topolovec
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Vahidin Qerimi

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Dem Pilafian


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The one-click backup utility


Bare Bones Browser Launch
Mac Java!
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
DSI (Design-Side Includes)


The first version of Snap Backup was released in 1999.  It was written in Visual Basic, which made it ill-suited for distribution over the web.  In 2003 Snap Backup was ported to Java and internationalized.  Support for Italian, German, Esperanto, and Russian was added in 2005.

Word of Mouth:

Snap Backup is a free product with no ads and no marketing budget.  If you find Snap Backup useful, please let others know.  Any promotion is greatly appreciated.


Snap Backup is free for all to use.  To the maximum extent allowed by law, there are no warranties whatsoever included with this software.  Before relying on any backup files, be sure to check their validity and verify that the correct files were indeed backed up.  The source code for Snap Backup is available under the GNU General Public License.